Glenn A. Jordan
 Glenn Jordan is an award winning songwriter, composer, producer, singer and performer whose music is heard every day by millions of people.

    His credits as a composer include scoring and providing music for over a thousand episodes of television programs and films in the last 15 years including The X-files, Millennium, Biography, Doug, 101 Dalmatians, Catdog and Something About Mary.  As composer/musical director of Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Glenn won an Emmy Award in 1991.  As composer on Audubon’s Animal Adventure’s he won the Genesis Award in 1996 in recognition of his work to increase awareness of the plight of endangered species. Jordan has worked with Steve Martin, Candace Bergen, Richard Dreyfus, Sinbad, Morgan Freeman, Tim Daly, Laurence Fishburne, Julliette Lewis, Shelley Duvall and Angela Lansbury in the last few years as well as many others.

 As a songwriter and producer he has written for and produced Little Richard, Grace Jones, Tom Rush, Clint Holmes and Shari Lewis.  

As a former member of the group Sha Na Na he toured the world, and performed for audiences as large as 135,000 people.  

As a singer Glenn has worked on a huge number of projects as both a background and lead vocalist.  Recently he was the featured vocalist in the television movie “For The Love Of Olivia” starring Louis Gosset Jr.   Glenn is singing the Beatle classic “Helter Skelter” in the remake of the CBS movie of the same name.  

    His orchestral works has been performed by the Indianapolis and Denver symphonies. His theme park commissions includes “Supersonic Flight” for Six Flags/Great Adventures and “Interactive Wonderland” part of the “Spaceship Earth” attraction at Epcot.